There are many ways on this wiki to help. For example, you could expand pages, add your faction, or even write a Daily Creeper Article! We always need more pages, and this wiki is always expanding, even as the server is, so come on in and add somethin!

Daily Creeper Article(s)

We could use some more people to write up Daily Creeper Articles for publicity. It's a volenteer only, you won't get paid by the team, but the Server pays for articles, so you will get some form of pay for it! Go to the The Daily Creeper page to get more information about it!

Weed out Evil

Go to The Trollrial and Thieves Guild pages and add people who are supposed to be there, or take someones name off if they aren't really a troll/thief. These pages are for the purpose of preventing griefing and thievery on the server, so please, help everyone by adding a name or otherwise maintaining the lists.

Add a Page!

Got a faction? Add it to the wiki! Got a good idea? Add it to the Ideas for the Server page! Got a story or history about yourself (role playing self)? Well, add that too! Add everything and anything!

How To Help pages

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