You like role-play, then you like events too. This category will contain all events (server based and player based). There are server events, where all characters can join in, and player event, where only some people are invited.

The great main events starts around 7 to 9 o'clock. (Central Time / GMT)

Server Events

Summer Food festival

Invitation to the summer food festival

There were some events in the past i.e. the clukky balloon, which won't be started anymore. Other events like Igel's Treasure Hunt will be started constantly. Some of the events will be started in-game without any previous invitation on the website of MassiveCraft, please don't complain about this.

Active Events


Picture of the clucky baloon event

Archived Events

Player Events

You are good at redstone and built a great dungeon? You have a quest, which can be started with other players?

Then please enter your event/dungeon here as the example:

The Lost Ring (Example)

Title: The Lost Ring; Ingame-Name: Mark007; Plot: Try to find a ring in a temple with an old scroll.

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