The Ella Dor, meaning "The Cold North" in an ancient language (Ellador), is a cold snowy continent with high mountains, islands, glaciers and is the home of the dwarven race. It was discovered by Laura Redblock and her crew. Ellador has a travelling system via three blimps. Beside the blimps, Ellador has roads on each main island of the Continent.


Laura Redblock is famous for many discoveries, such as the wild untamed jungle continent Daendroc. Once she found an old manuscript, which mentioned an undiscovered world, where only one race reigns over the highest mountains of all worlds. The hunt for more information about this myth lead her to a monastery, long forgotten and overgrown by vines and trees. After they entered the monastery, they noticed that the walls inside were filled all over with inscriptions in an old lost language. One of the most important inscriptions was on the floor: “The Ella Dor” formerly known as “The Cold North.” Laura managed to decrypt enough inscriptions to know where to sail to. She started her travel directly after her interview with the Daily Creeper to discover, if the myth of “The Cold North” is true.

The discovery was ill-starred since the first day. Beside the normal problems, the crew entered a mysterious fog that was following the crew for what felt like days. One week after the start, the first man had fallen to this rotting process. He was taken to the ship's hospital at the lowest deck and the medic stood all day and night with
Lauras broken ship

Lauras broken ship at the spawn of Ellador

him, but his condition did not seem to be improving. Three days later Laura stood on deck, where Laura used the chance to watch the surrounding ocean. Out of the blue a mightier wind gust broke the bigges
Encampment of ellador

The encampment of Ellador

t mast and shook the entire ship, the ocean were formed into a hell. Huge waves hit the ship and it lifted seven meters up into the air, only to crash afterwards on a rock structure (left picture). The mast was lying in the water, the ship was broken into three pieces, burst wooden planks were everywhere.

Finally the survivors managed to repair the ship swiftly and set up a encampment (right picture).

Ellador citizens ship

The first ship in Ellador with citizens on board

The arrival of Laura in Silverwind was celebrated with some local festivals. It only took hours before all of the people of Ceardia and Daendroc
Ellador ship

Mad dash for Ellador

knew about the newest discovery Laura called Ellador: The Cold North.

The first ship with around 200 citizens of Ceardia and Daendroc, who  had a calm trip to Ellador, though it turned into pure chaos after their arrival. All of people headed out to explore the new continent, with hopes of finding valuables or a good spot for a new settlement along the way.


Your travel starts in Ceardia, where you have to take a ship from the port to Silverwind. There you continue your journey by taking another ship, with the grey sails, to get to the encampment of Ellador



The spawn of Ellador is an island, claimed by a mod faction called Island. The broken ship of Laura Redblock, the encampment, and the first ship with the cititzens are there. In the north you will find snowy mountains and in the south (spawn point) a grassy landscape and a beach. A hugh lonly mountain is in the middle of the island, enclosed by a road.

North-East Region

Ellador glacier

A glacier in Ellador in the north-east

In the north of Ellador you will find the "cold north" as glaciers, ice floes, ice mountains and lot of snow. The north is only covered with spruce trees, you will find no other type of tree.

South-East Region

The south-west region is stony and grassy with a minimal amount of snow. There are some rock formations with snow on top. Some of the rocks are flying, which is still a cold case. You will find mostly spruce trees in this region, sometimes birch trees as well, along with the occasional netherrack.

Ellador south

Ellador at night (South-East)

Ellador mountains

Ellador mountains (South)

South-West Region

The south-west region has the least amount of snow in Ellador.
Ellador island

Ellador island in the South-West

There is a snowy mountain chain, but the rest is snowless. Like in the south-east you will find the strange mysterious flying rocks here as well. The entire region has the most islands in Ellador and a huge flat grassland to the south.

North-West Region

Ellador west

The west of Ellador

The north-west is split into a snowy region in the north and a grassy landscape streaked by rivers in the west. In the west you will find one region like the south-east, slightly covered with netherrack, along with spruce, birch, and the rare massive oak tree with glowstone on its branches.


Start blimp in ellador

The start blimp in Ellador

Ellador has three blimps, one on each main island: SEBlimp (orange), NBlimp (blue) and SWBlimp (green). They can be used at the spawn of Ellador, where another a red blimp is found that is used as travel starting point. You will find at each blimp a road to continue your journeys.

The 16 chunk rule still applies to these blimp areas!

Blimp port of massivecraft

The blimp port of MassiveCraft with all blimps

If you entered the starting blimp you will be taken to the blimp main port, which is claimed as safezone. In the middle of the port is the main blimp. The main blimp is only used to connect all other blimps within the port via bridges. This central blimp has two purple balloons instead of one balloon.

Here are all other blimps you can use to travel in Ellador:



First ellador screen

First Screenshot of Ellador (Wessex)

Ellador release

Dynmap at the first minute of the Ellador release

Water powered saw mill

A water powered saw mil at Ellador spawn

Labor camp in ellador

Labor camp in Ellador (Spawn)

Church at ellador spawn

A church at Ellador spawn with three surrounding buildings

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