The server contains an economy system, where you have Silver and Copper to sell and buy things like armor, weapons and land in cities. As default you will enter the world with 30 Silver.

1 silver is equal to 100 copper.

Regals: The Formal Currency of Aloria

Around 295 AC The Long used currency of .silver and Copper was abandoned on order of the Regalian bank, which converted all formal economies to the mighty regal. One silver coin is the equivalent to 10 Regals, however, many banks foresee the the inflation if the regal to continue, thus resulting in a higher exchange rate.

January 1, 2014 1 S:R 10.1

May 16, 2014 1 S:R 10.4

This wiki has a guide about how to earn Silver and Copper.


You can sell or buy things from a chest shop.

see the Chest-shop Creation Guide


You can trade with other people i.e. by using the 'trade channel' or non-global channels like 'say' to get in contact with other customers. Be aware of scammers, if you sell or buy things personally.

See therefore the Thieves Guild and The Trollrial

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