Daendroc is currently a playable continent on the MassiveCraft server. Along with Ceardia and Ellador , Daendroc serves as a primary location for server players to build, trade, fight, and interact in, and is perhaps most notable for its jungle and savanna environments (both custom-generated using the expansive TerrainControl plugin).

Known Biomes

There are six known biomes in Daendroc.

Ruins Biome

Overall similar to the traditional jungle biome, apart from mob spawning and structures. Very large ruined structures can be found everywhere in this biome. Pigmen and iron golems also spawn naturally in these areas. In Mayan-styled temples, there is usually an iron/lapis blocks in the very top, if they have not already been looted by explorers already. There are smooth stone structures, and inside, there usually can be found two diamond ores.

Jungle Biome

A classic jungle biome with immensely tall trees and tons of vines. There are also plenty of bushes, undergrowth (ferns, grasses) and saplings to be found in these regions.

Mushroom Jungle Biome

Always on top of a Plateau Biome, notably featuring large red, spotted, and brown mushrooms on them.

Rainforest Plateau Biome

A strange biome similar to mountains, except with flattened tops. These biomes can be so tall that they look down on clouds, and are devoid of any trees or bushes. Only grasses and ferns will grow in such arid conditions.  YAY

Savanna Biome

Vast plains with plenty of grasses and steep ridges, causing deep valleys. The plains have Umbrella Thorn Acacia trees and Baobab trees scattered across them. You can find ruins in these regions, as well as ferns and occasionally small bushes. Wolves will sometimes spawn in these regions.

Mangrove Biome

A mangrove and swamp styled biome, on the edge of the ocean. These regions have mangrove trees, sand, and shallow waters, and may rarely have ruins. They are always found on the edge of a larger body of water, but not within rivers.

Wetlands/Marsh Biome

Lowlands with little vegetation, wetland biomes are sticky with soulsand and populated with small mushrooms. Marsh areas are scattered throughout, with shallow waters and trees growing from the flooded regions.

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