Category: The characters of massivecraft spread across all the continants. Each and every character has a story, like when he woke up beside the king, or when the arrow pierced his heart yet he survived. Character stories are mainly judged on your race (such as the forever rivalry between Agni and Maiar), the culture and believes (the war for purism, death to all vampires) and personality which is the real drive of one's morale. Some main characters that appear throughout lore are Laura Redblock, the famous adventure who traveled to unknown, hopin at the slightest that she could find another world, to Mrs Baver, the long lost wife of ninjabaver, who paints terror across of the world, preying on the innocent, with her sons and daughters of vampirism following her, even Alatar Silverclaw who is known throughout Ithania as the kindest orc, giving free food, and vast quantities, to anyone! So travel and explore new realms to meet many interesting characters.

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