Captcha World


A picture of the captcha world

The captcha world is the first world, where new players will start. The captcha world is a fantasy build world that introduces the new players into the medieval fantasy roleplay flair. New players will find themselves in something like a dream world, where islands are flying in the air, and the space seems to be endless without any solid ground.

Players have to walk the stairway up and to read all the upcoming signs. At the end of the stairway is a magic portal which will teleport the player into another world called Multiverse.

After a player has left the captcha world, he will not be able to enter this world again.


Opening your eyes, you see that you are surrounded by darkness. Terrified, you stumble around until you hit an invisible wall. Slightly confused, you look around and realize that you had almost fallen off the edge of what seems to be a floating island. You take in your surroundings and note that you are floating. On an island. Surrounded by the night sky. Backing up, you trip and fall to the ground. Searching for the object that caused you to fall, you see a stairway ascending towards a swirling portal of purple energy. 

The Choice

What will you do?

Can you take the journey to the top?

Will you embrace a new world?

Atempt to experince a new land?

Are you ready for Aloria?

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