Captain rouge

Faction Faction Name
Race What race are you playing as? Elf? Dwarf? Orc? Human? Other?
Profession What is your character's profession?
Vampire Yes or No


City, Country
Age ?
Gender Male or Female


File:2011-12-26 12.26.00.png

My Story

while exploring the city of silver edge for the first time I met a vampire named banana152 I followed her and she showed me a large establishment. Underneath was a amazing base! I joined the freemen! I met many friends along the way more than once infected and cured more than once by Haqi, the factions leader I went wandering into a desert in search of creepers but instead found 2 men digging I helped them dig up a large section of sand. When we were done I shared some pork among us as we came up with names for this place, we started building the mighty city in the sand with churches pubs and everything Inbetween and named it delbin city I got the name captain_rouge ranger due to my accuracy with a bow, I now live in freemen with my friends in the delbin city in a nice house and relaxing.


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