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Cape Creation/Show-Casing List and Links

  • Massivecraft Official Cape
  • Cape Axe-master
  • Romulus and Remus Cape
  • Bow-master cape
  • TrollSword CapeGo to You are not in DACREW
  • swords-master cape
  • Rainbowdash Cape
  • Arcane's Cape
  • Date
  • A Farmer Cape
  • Silver-Edge Cape
  • Bootaneers Cape
  • Hermitage Cape
  • zweedsville cape

Ulumulu's creations:

Axes-master Cape (green)

Axes-master Cape (red)

Bow-master Cape

Swords-master Cape

Bow-master Cape

The miner cape

The Farmer Cape

Massivecraft Cape

Romulus and Remus


Silver-edge cape

Big Butt's Cape

Creation from Mulligan3000:

Trigent Cape

Creation from Yendor46:

Bootaneers Cape

Hermitage Cape

Creation from anonymous:

Imperials Cape

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