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Cannons is an installed plugin on MassiveCraft. [1]

You can create a cannon and fire it. You can change the vertical and horizontal firing angle of a cannon. The cannon itself can be loaded with several cannonball types, either to increase the damage, fire range, cannon sickness effect or the cannonball speed.

Note: Only premium members are able to build and fire cannons.
Note: On massivecraft cannons are configured to be made from iron blocks instead of wool.

How to Build

  1. Build a barrel with 2-10 iron blocks.
  2. Attach a button on both ends.
  3. Place a torch on the first block of the barrel.
Cannon from the side

◄This Cannon is facing that way◄

Air Air Torch Air
Button Iron Block Iron Block Button

How to Use

  1. Right-click the barrel/iron blocks with gunpowder/sulfur.
    1. You can click it twice to power the cannon more (1 to 5 times).
  2. As next right-click the barrel/iron blocks with one of the cannonball types (see below).
    1. You can only load the cannon with one cannonball (no revolver); for example one Cobblestone.
  3. Fire by right-clicking the torch/button.
    1. The cannon can also be fired with a redstone torch underneath the barrel.


  • It's possible to increase the vertical firing angle! Right-click the upper or lower side of the barrel with empty hands.
    • For the horizontal firing angle right click on the side of the barrel.
    • To decrease the angle hold Shift and right-click.
  • You should wear a helmet to protect yourself. Otherwise the noise of the gun blast will confuse you.
  • Place cannons at ground levels. They tend to work more effectively against invaders in street-to-street combat.
  • Place a protected chest beside the cannon to have all the needed blocks for firing, because it could be, that you will lose your stuff in a siege.

Cannonball Types

Material Projectiles Spread Speed Effects
Cobblestone Single 3 Small Explosion
Smoothstone Single 4 Medium Explosion
Obsidian Single 6 Big Explosion
Gravel 150 x 2.5 hearts 12° 4 *none*
Glass 150 x 4 hearts 5 *none*
Sand 200 x 1 hearts 40° 3 blindness for 20s
Soulsand 200 x 1 hearts 40° 3 blindness + slowness for 25s
Netherrack 100 x 1 hearts 25° 3 poison for 10s
Glowstone 100 x 1 hearts 25° 3 confusion + weakness + hunger for 30s


Cannons - Video Tutorial09:20

Cannons - Video Tutorial

Cannons - Video Tutorial

  1. "Cannons" by Cayorion on, 2011

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