The Maelstrom Flag


Having gained valuable experience as a pirate, the Privateer has been formally authorized to attack enemies abroad by the Admiral of the Rapturain Armada. In recognition of their elevated status, Privateers are granted an expanded living quarters and also gain building permissions at Camp Bloodshore.

Requirements for promotion

  • Reach a McMMO power level of 500. Type /stats or check at MassiveCraft Highscore.
  • Been a member of Rapture for 1 week.
  • Donate 5 Silver to Camp Bloodshore Bank. (Type /money f d 5)
  • Complete the dungeon, tba.
  • Stock chest with following material:
  • 256 x Smoothstone Brick
  • 128 x Logs
  • 64 x Dirt
  • 64 x Cobble
  • 64 x Wool (any color combination)
  • 64 x Coal
  • 64 x Glass
  • 64 x Iron Ingots
  • 64 x Brick
  • 64 x Netherbrick
  • 1 x Diamond Block

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