A Compilation of Bugs and Glitches with the server.

Flying Kick

Sometimes if you fly using spoutcraft you will be kicked.

  • This may also happen if logging in and falling or glitching on your bed.

Teleportation Glitch

Sometimes when you teleport to your /f home or /home you will get stuck hopping above the location. You can sometimes jump or walk away, others you need to leave the server and come back in to fix.

Portal Glitch

Sometimes when you want to use a portal it wont work. No idea why, all is fine(frame is ok, nothing blocks the teleportation) It just wont teleport you.

Go out of the frame and look at the portal. Is the portal-inside (water) just two high? If it is build it up to three.

When you have build it and it wont work,swim up! This should finally teleport you.

If nothing of this helps use /helpop message

(Old Bugs) Deadbolt Bug

Randomly a players deadbolts will expire unlocking their chests despite the 20 days not having passed.

In my faction this has happened to Bsavs(me) and Syko. This is an extremely annoying bug as players can then steal from you. Items lost due to this bug were never returned so make sure to keep your chests in a secure place.

(Old Bugs) Abusing Chest Shops

I (Bsavs) found these bugs awhile ago while messing around with signs and chest shops.

You were able to place a sign on another players shop effectively keeping them out of their own shop. However you still had no access inside the chest shop

The next chest shop related bug allowed me access into chest shops. By jumping with a sign in hand and right clicking the top of the chest shop you were able to open it up and freely take its contents. Please note I did not abuse this bug and quickly reported it so that mass robbery did not ensue.

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