Bt139717 (Alatar Silverclaw)

Faction PariahFolk
Race Orc
Profession Baker/ Farmer
Vampire No
Married No
Religion The Light
Divinity: The Light: All that is good.


Galway, Ireland
Age 47 yrs
Gender Male


  • Born to Ilgrun Silverclaw and Grugx Silverclaw
  • Grew up in Arcwind Village
  • Lives in Pariah City as Baker
  • Native to Ithania
  • Often can be seen riding his steed Chuck Norris, through the desert during the afternoon (GT)
  • Gives free food to everyone, often known as a charity.
  • Owns a Castle in Andorn's Landing, as well as Tirge Ey Monestary and The Pariah Bakery.
  • Outspoken Anti-Vampire, will hunt and kill all vampires in Ithania
  • Is genarally kind to those whom have never wronged him.
  • Alatar enjoys pumpkin pie, a rareity in Ithania's harsh desert.

Story of Alatar

Alatar set his cane against the side of his desk as he sat down in his chair. As he looked down at the village of Brightshore, he thought to himself about his long and exciting life he had lived. In a couple of hours, he would be buried in the Grand Tomb here in Fenderfell. It would soon be over.

Alatar's first adventure was to the mystical land of Daendroc. He made landfall in a small town on the the Northern coast, and set off south. He journeyed for 3 days until, in the distance, he saw a massive spire over the trees. Alatar had founf the fell monestry of Tirge Ey, once ruled by the faction tiger eye.


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