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Biome Towers
Difficulty ** Moderate
Location x,y,z: All of Ceardia
Start Date: January 2012
Completion Date:
Architect: Samurai Jack



Let us have access to all the biome types via portal gates at faction home. This will allow for easier resource collection at various biomes (desert, snow, swamp, etc.) Location to include the Rapture Tower and Flag located in Wilderness. Underground to be excavated 16x16x6 deep to create a safe work room. Work room to include workbenches, repair anvil, furnaces, water pool (4x4), and general public facilities. Portal gate to be located on 1st floor of tower.

Resource Allocation

Resource Request Resource Offer



Choose locations for all biome types throughout Ceardia. Towers to be built in wilderness and a remote location is recommended.

Build tower using existing tower templates of Rapture. Add portal gate for easy access.

Excavate underground 16x16x6 deep and build safe work room.


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