Maiar Concept 1

Goldensea City

Ben 2025

Faction Midgard
Race Maiar
Profession Prince
Vampire No


Age Unknown
Gender Male

My Story


===My story begins as a child, at the time I had not known I was "gifted" as they now tell me. The day began as normal, I was swimming around the marketplace escorted by the royal guard when I came across a small girl, she was huddled against a rock wall. She was my age, at the time I was only seven, out of curiosity I stopped and approached her, I asked "Why do you sit here all alone, why not play with your friends?" She replied that she had no one in this world and that she presumed she would die of starvation as her money left to her was running out. Without another thought I took her arm and put it around my shoulder and carried her to the palace. "Guards! Bring this poor girl food, she is sick bring the physician" I ordered once she was in one of the servants quarters. As night fell I left her and returned to my room to sleep. What happened next changed the course of my life. I was visited by the goddess of our people, she spoke in a warm tongue "Aikie, you chose to save the young girl at the market, many of your kind would not have done such a thing. I have chosen you to bear my gift, but know this your gift may hurt you more than any sword could." With that last ominous message, I awoke in a cold sweat. I hurried to the girls room swimming as fast as I could, as I pushed open the door I felt something I had never felt before, a wave of power enveloped me, as I collapsed to the floor. The guard on patrol found me in the corner of the room, wailing in sadness, screaming to some unknown person in the room.

Many years passed, and I had developed my gift, no longer were the emotions of others flooding into my mind, but I could project my own into others. This came at a risk, as I leave my mind vulnerable to my own powers and am in a state where the recipient can force the emotions back on myself. To this day I have yet to learn to fight properly with weapons, but my powers grow, I have halted at least two of my attackers in their tracks, overwhelming them with grief, sorrow and fear. My goddess gave me this gift so that I might lead my people to a greater future, she now walks in physical form and I must prove my worth.===


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