age ?
gender female
faction VSTC
race human (russian)

fighting, hunting and gahtering, trading, mining

I was born in Vladimir, Russia, a small town near Moscow. I was alone with my mother in a small shack in the woods while my father was fighting the war. My mother decided that she couldn’t raise me after my father had been killed in battle. She left me to die in the cold, harsh world of Russia. I met a boy not much older than myself, his name sounded like nikolas. He raised me like a sister. We would rob stores and go hunting in the woods all the time. Once nikolas got older, he had to go to battle. I promised I would wait for him, and we could act like siblings, get a new life. It was three months into the battle when they came for me. I was only 9 years old and they tried to take me. i slit their throats and I ran. I had to get out of Russia, my home. I fled to the south. i was 12 when i really started to survive. I would fight things in the woods, wolves, cats, all those deadly creatures. I did mange to tame two wolves, Natasha and Dmitri. They were my closest friends. I survived in the woods for a couple of years. When I turned 15, I decided that I needed to get somewhere. i went to the south west. I was looked at by many as a filthy rat, or scum. I had to beg for food. That was until I met another girl, her name was Katie. We became the best of friends, robbing stores for food, gathering things from old houses. We decided that we were old enough to start a new life. We heard of the glorious republic of pristina. They let in anyone and they didn’t regard us as scum. The leader of pristina was a very nice man who was very familiar to me. i later figured out that it was great nikolas. he was very kind to us and even gave us permission to start a sub faction. Katie and I knew exactly what we would be. Traders. We built a small boat and set sail. We eventually found a small island off the east coast of the mainland. We were living in the small village we had made for months when a poor boy that had been lost at sea came to our island. We did accept him, thank goodness we did. He was the main builder in our land. katie and i grew apart, but still remained best of friends

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