Kickarsey infront of Gahrock

Name Baron Kickarsey
Age 29
Location Gahrock
Vampire? No
Proffesion Blademaster

My Story

Kickarsey was brought up in a rather rough part of SilverEdge. Thieves and Murderers roamed the streets. He slowly became quick and agile, avoiding the occasional knife. Kickarsey formed his first faction, Aftershock, determined to become something large. People came and went. Eventually, he was overthrown by members of the faction unfairly. He wandered aimlessly for months before coming to the home of the Alamut Assassins. Kickarsey found home amongst the assassins raiding the occasional faction, but Kickarsey slowly became bored and moved on. He formed a new faction with his friends, Tatsuyama. Once Tatsuyama was made, he came across Holoproject, a vampire in charge of Araluen. Tatsuyama agreed to ally with the Vampire. They formed an epic bond raiding together, but he was captured on a raid to Edosia. Presumed dead, Kickarsey eventually escaped. Tatsuyama disbanded, but he came to the Requiem Empire.... This is where Kickarsey is now.


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