Faction Amun
Race Human
Profession Alchemist and Scholar
Vampire Yes (Unfortunately...)
Married No
Religion Unificism
Divinity: Buddha


Colorado Springs, USA
Age 16
Gender Male


It had been days since his last proper meal, and Aziro was starving. The slums were at an all time low, and people were being murdered for mere slices of bread. Every now and then Aziro felt in his pockets for some change as he passed a food store, only to realize he was dirt poor with not so much as a single copper piece to his name. As he walked by the street he found an odd piece of parchment on the floor, depicting recipes for...could it be? Potions? He had never heard or seen about these potions, but the parchment said they were powerful beyond mere mortal comprehension, with an air of mysticism surrounding them. Aziro set to memorizing these recipes by heart so that one day he may open a small little shop and one day have enough Silver to live life happily. With a loan from the bank, he purchased some glass bottles, a brewing stand, and a handful of nether warts. He found a single gold nugget, combining it with a melon to create a glistering melon, and created his first potion of health. When he inquired about selling it to a shopkeeper, the man was amazed by its power and payed him triple the amount he had bought the ingredients for. Aziro had the little light of curiosity in him become a burning blaze hungry for power, and found the Assassins, who took him in. He began brewing more and more of these potions, and realized that their warriors became much harder to defeat in combat, and his potions were making a big difference in the tide of battle. He set up a farm in the nether for the rare nether warts, and is hoping to someday own a shop.


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