When Axton was a young boy his father told many stories about elf's, orc's, and vampires. Axton was afraid of the vampire stories and had trouble sleeping in his child years. Axtons mother died when he was born so it was just him and his father. His father worked as a soldier in a town. When Axton was 12 his father was shot by the town mayor for sneaking off when he was on patrol. When Axton was 16 he was banished from his clan for being weak and a coward because he dident want to hunt because. Axton wander for days in the woods and found a elf named Symond Yate . Symond took Axton under his wing and made him his apprentice. Before 

When Axton was 23 he got bit from behind and knocked out he woke up hours later and went to the bathroom to look at his back and saw two bleeding holes and his eyes were red then recognized what was happening to him. Axton felt worried because he was a vampire. later on that night Axton got in a bar fight with Maximus as help and lost one of his eyes so he killed a human and took one of his eyes an Isaac Harkins put it where his old eye used to be. When Axton was 24 he meet a nice girl named Erin Valax that got captured by Crimson. Axton snuck into the Crimson jail and freed her she gave him a hug and they when there separate ways. later on that year Axton got captured and arrested for being a vampire and escaped out got the jail before being put in a cell. When he was 25 he joined a faction and felt welcome because they welcomed vampires and they didn't know about my curse mark. Axton still hides from Crimson soldiers and lives in peace with all his friends in his faction and outside his faction and keeps his curse hidden                                      

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