FBox Description massivecraftDescription

"This is Auxillian"

FBox Disbanded massivecraftDisbandedNo
FBox Founder massivecraftFounderNone
FBox Leader massivecraftLeaderTom1804
FBox Officers massivecraftOfficersNone
FBox BuildingStyle massivecraftBuilding StyleUnknown
FBox Location massivecraftLocationUnknown
FBox Races massivecraftRacesAll
FBox Power massivecraftPower0
FBox Maxpower massivecraftMaxpower0
FBox Members massivecraftMembersNone
FBox Allies massivecraftAlliesNone
FBox Enemies massivecraftEnemiesNone
FBox Truce massivecraftTruceNone


-Will add more soon-

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