This page is about when a player will be autokicked and what will happens to him and his faction.


You will be autokicked after twenty (20) days of being inactive (not online) on the server. Your inventory and your mcstats will stay. That means, that your server profile never will be deleted.


If you have created a faction and you are the only member in this faction your faction will be disbanded from the server. The faction is still on the server with the claimed land, but has no leader anymore. That means at the end - if you have locked chests on this territory you have no access to them anymore. Your faction is after it is disbanded free for all (enitre faction is overpowered) and other factions can take over your ex-territory. The money from the faction bank you had is gone, too.

Don't ask an admin or mod to get your stuff/faction/money back.

If you are leader of an own faction and you will be autokicked and there are still members in this faction, an admin or mod is able to give another member (officer) the leadership. The next highest rank (officer) won't get the leadership automatically.

Prevent Autokick

This server has no holiday function, like some free mail hoster, but there are various ways to prevent an autokick.

  • Get online before the twenty days are expired.
    • if you have no possibility to login to the server, you can do the following
      • change your minecraft password, give the password to a trustable person
        • Note of Advice: only choose a person, whom you know in real-life personally!
        • say the person, that he only has sometimes to connect to the server (below twenty days)
      • Write a little script or search for some scripts which will log you in to the Minecraft network and joins to Massivecraft in order to disconnect, afterwards.

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