Atomickipper joined the world many moons ago. He and his fellow friends traveled north to seek a place to settle. They stumbled apon a mountainous region and started to build the beautiful city the was to turn into Avgard.

As Atomickipper build up the city problems started to occur within the city. Avgard was eventually disbanded and it was griefed to hell and back. Purplestarship, Babamanga and Toothpuppet reclaimed the city and started to bring it back up from the ashes. Avgard was renamed to Artisan and Atomickipper has rejoined his fellow compadres to help in the construction of Artisan.

"I work for my allies, I rebel against my enemies, I serve the light but travel in the darkness, I use the earth to my advantage yet the sky is the limit." -Atomickipper

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