Our faction was created by our king yfmdriver. It started out as a few small houses and a huge tower, Now it is a small city slowly expanding with 2 upgrowing cities in Ellador. We grew up with few members but when a little town started to turn into a small city many people were recruited to help out.

Then something amazing happened we started from a five house town to 3 huge towns making up a small city. It was a miracle for Arkanis' leaders to see a small start turn into an amazing faction. Our faction leaders have meetings every week to prevent wars, some ex-members were kicked trieing to uprise against our leaders.

Our Ranks

Leaders - these are the ranks you get when you're helpful and active.

King - The leader of the faction currently our king is yfmdriver

Lord - The ones who take charge while yfmdriver is offline and they come up with decisions for the faction's future.


General - The one who organizes attacks you must be a great pvper to be the general.

Spy - The one who spies on other factions to find possible weak spots and enterances so generals can plan.

Soldier - The ones who do the main work, they are the main PvPers they must always follow the generals command.

scout - They are the smallest rank for soldier but not useless they scout out areas where we can set up a camp for long-term attacks, they also are the soldiers if no real soldiers are online.


Farmers - The obvious these guys gather plants to give us rescources like paper, wheat, saplings and wood.

Builders - These faction members build houses for new recruits, they are given the design by Lords and are supposed to follow the same design.

Starting out

So are you a new member already in Arkanis? well this paragraph is to tell you how to start out. When you are first invited it's like the other factions CHOOSE A JOB everyone needs one and if you something a little extra with your job you could get upgraded with pay (only HIGH ranks only ). So you also will get a small apartment when you join with a large chest, furnace and crafing table. If you're active you could get upgraded to a full house with 2 rooms (dig underground on the other side of the house faction rumor has it that some have a tunnel underneath with untold riches) sometimes even a third. Next always come on at least once every twenty days we don't want other factions having access to one's chest. If you have any questions please state in the comments below.

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