Andethir's face


Faction None
Race Half-Dragon (Half human)
Profession Miner (uncanny nack of finding ore)
Vampire No (Actively hunts down cures)



(Currently nomadic)


1859 Human Years

20 Dragon Years

Gender Male

My Story

Born to a red dragon matriarch, he left his home when his father died due to age when he was 26 human years old.

Soon after his father's death, he developed the ability to open one-person "Rifts" allowing him to teleport to anywhere he has been at least once.

Very friendly, he enjoys the company of others. However he prefers to not interfere with other cultures and, usually settles nearby towns for a short while to gather materials and provisions before he is off again.

Because he was born to a matriarch he is technically royalty however he prefers to be free from the bonds of being a ruler and is looking for somewhere to settle down for some time and maybe build a fortune off of his obsession for gems and gold he is however able to release it with ease.

Because of being half dragon, he can see clearly in the dark and prefers extremely hot areas, preferring the depths of the earth for its magma. He has been known to enter the nether for lava buckets and build a volcano out in the middle of nowhere with it.

Abilities and Trivia

  • Being half dragon he has an obsession with looking for shiny material. He has been known to enter other peoples abandoned mines and locate ores that were missed by the miners before him.
  • He does not fly due to the fact he likes to remain incognito, and usually hides his wings under his armor and clothing
  • In his human form his eyes are blue but remain draconian in nature in his true form he has scales on parts of his face and yellow eyes.
  • His draconian eyes give him the ability to see well in the dark, allowing him to explore caves with little to no torches however he gets lost without them
  • Unlike Common Dragons he does not like most meats but will eat it if his life depends on it and if there are not alternative foodstuffs, his does love chicken and can handle fish however.
  • He worships the divine dragons that have once ruled the world and awaits their return to the mortal plain.
  • Having dragon blood has made him nearly immune to the vampire virus however his human side does still have that weakness so he usually has a light shrine or the means to create one should he need it. He also helps vampires try to cure themselves if they want the cure.
  • He has been known to build temporary homes just outside the borders of other factions. When he leaves there is almost no trace of him afterword.

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