A screenshot of Altiar321321


Faction Leader of the Pioneers
Race Human
Profession Pvp



Just west of the structure called Skytower


(17 in real life)

Gender Male

My Story

I didn't intend to settle in Ceardia, I was only 14 when me and my family planned on traveling from Aloria to Brinral, but on my way through Ceardia I was raided by a band of bandits that called themselves "Dovahkiin". My entire caravan was destroyed, killing my entire family and leaving me the only survivor. Luckily, after a days trudge in the desert, I came across a small hamlet that was called, Alamut. Alamut was a small band of assassins that where very thorough with their work, killing. I was raised by these assassins, learned their ways, they trained me in the art of acrobatics, swords and poisons. I became very good at... killing. They sent me on assassinations all over Ceardia, I got so good at what I do, eventualy I became stronger than my superiors, I then relized why I was following orders from them. Every order I followed, just got me more and more frustrated with them, one day the leader, Kapry gave me so much disrespect, when I was 23 I finaly I snaped and left the faction, I wanted the respect and power I deserved, so I made my own faction, just west of the structure called SkyTower, I foraged alliances and a crude base, made out of a few nearby abandoned buildings and a tower. I had nothing specific to do, other than a few assassinations here and there. Out of complete boredom for the last week, I decided to get talented in the art of fishing. After months of practicing (approx. 3 days IRL) I started to fish up enchanted items, beyond belief, once, I caught a gold sword enchanted with sharpness VI (Sharpness 6) like I said, beyond belief. ---------WORK IN PROGRESS---------



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