• Formation.

Aldebaria was unofficialy coined in early January. It was named for the new Continent in the south western part of the map. The original Aldebaria faction was Sauersted. Sauersted was originally a faction used to protect the "Forandring Pass" The only way to get from the Western and Eastern Oceans.

After awhile of peace, Jackamatack met Mortaur while he was exploring. They quickly became friends and Mortaur created a faction named Mortalith. Words passed between Mortaur and Jackamatack to rebel against pristina, along with Darkraydl(Inactive) in his unknown faction. The revoloution started, in a peaceful deattaching of pristina, besides a fee of 300 silver.

  • Pre-Republic Era

Along now that they were sepperated from Pristina, they names them selves the Aldebarian Empire. The empire had a time of peace, but had tangles with the early stages of The Southern Kingdoms(Blackcross, Pfiction, Redvikings) With a Aldebarian Victory in the war, another time of peace ensued of building, gathering materials, and the Pre-Republic Golden Days.

The empire built up, adding Virtus and Darkcircle to its empire, after the loss of Darkraydl. Mortalith became the grand fortress of the empire, and Sauersted changed its name to Firenze, becoming the Port City of the Empire. The new leaders of the Empire were Mortaur(Mortalith) Gavinboy(Virtus) Jackamatack(Firenze) ZeroZer00(Darkcircle) The new empire then fell into a new war, The grand Serenum-Aldebarian allied invasion of Pristina.

  • Early Republic Era

The war brought on change in Aldebaria, In late February, the faction leaders decided to get together and talk. Jackamatack held the idea of forming into a Republic, and all joining Virtus, which was to be renamed Aldebaria. The new Senators were Zerozer00, Gavinboy, AcexLegendzzz, Jackamatack, and Mortaur. They based themselves off the Roman Republic, and now charged into battle against Pristina under one banner. The war ended in the banning of Itsnickbarry(Pristina) and bbgunn(VSTC) Both prominent leaders in the Pristina Empire.

  • More changes

After the war with rumours of a new map, Senators talked and decided we would move to the new map, packing up and leaving. After awhile Darkfeather(Serenum) and Jackamatack(Aldebaria) Met and talked about how after the war, they ended up being very close allies and a Defensive Pact was sighned, Making if you attacked either Empire, the other would attack too. After this also, Prominent Senator Zerozer00 Left the faction, Stealing 600 silver and giving no real reason of leaving. The Senators of Aldebaria confused, decided the best action was revenge and to Declare war on the newly formed Darkcircle, once again a faction. Along with Serenum the new war begins.

Now in the Daendroc we have finisged building a wall to protect our selves from outer attacks. We are now starting to make shops and player housing.

  • Joining the Serenum Empire

A vote was made on 3/3/12 to join the Serenum Empire. The vote was passed and Aldebaria is now known as the Aldebarian-Serenum Republic. Jackamatack split off of Aldebaria to create another Serenum faction which is now Warwick.

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