The Alareaki are water spirits from the dawn of time so few have ever even heard the name for they are rare. they are said to sometimes take controll of a person's thoghts and minipulate there sences. They breath underwater and can fly for short distances. Normaly blue or green skin depending on the waters they grow up in if grown in many bodies of water the color can range from wight to black and all the colors beetween. They hate meat and only feast on seeweed that grows on the bottem of the ocean or lakes. The Alareaki come in many diffrent sizes but mostly human in shape some have spikes poping out in any place in there bodys they used to be worshiped as gods untell they practacly went extinct. Thos who go looking for them can sometimes be found in a nearby lake memories drained and insane.

Note: This isint a real race anyone has ever heard of Because i made it up a LONG time ago. If you like this look at my other race (that i did not come up with) called the Enderan shorter but still a neat race. 

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