In Game Character

Name adrianooo231
Faction Lusitans
Vampire Yes!


Adriano in Lusitian Dungeon

Adrian in the Lusitian Doungeon

Adrian(adrianoooo231) came to Silveredge seeking The Dark Gift of Vampirism. He spent his last few copper coins on the resources to preform the Dark Sacrament at the Altar of Darkness. After 3 days of pain and agony he became a vampire.

Then Adrian met Leeroy_Creeper and joined the Lusitans. He bought and sold arrows and baked bread to make money.

Adriano in Dark Dungeon

Adrian at the Dark Altar in The Dark Dungeon

He built The Dark Doungeon providing shelter to all the Lusitian Vimpires and those who wish to accept The Dark Gift since he also funded A Dark Altar.

Adrian now is a Leader, a Guide and a Protector to all the Lusitian Vampires.

Out of Character

I am a nice. helpful person. I will always try to stick to the rules and politely correct others if they fail to do the same. If you ever need help and I'm online make sure to /msg adrianoooo231 and I will try my best to help.

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