Welcome aspiring Minecraft entrepreneur!

In this guide, you will learn how to get the most sought after of resource in MassiveCraft: Silver!

What is Silver?

Silver, and its sub-unit, copper, are used to buy and sell anything, serving as the currency for the server's economy. Silver acts as the primary unit of currency, while copper is the sub-unit of silver (100 copper = 1 silver).

You can sell/buy items through shops at spawn or through the trade chat (See below for more details).


Silver is the currency used server wide, and has several commands related to it.
  • /money - Checks how much money you have.
  • /money balance [player] - Checks how much money that player has *premium only*.
  • /money pay [player] [amount] - Sends the player the amount of money specified (careful ! The amount is in SILVER. If you want to pay another player 50 copper, then the amount should be "0.5").
  • /f money b(balance)- Shows the money your faction has.
  • /f money d(deposit) - Deposits the amount of money specified into the faction bank.
  • /f money w(withdraw) - Withdraws the amount of money specified from the faction bank.

Gaining Silver

You can gain silver by:

  • Selling items to a shop (shops rarely buy goods).
  • Create your own shop and sell items.
  • Try to sell your goods over trade or allied chat; trading in global is against the rules.
    • Scamming of any amount is now against the rules, and will result in a ban.
  • Hunting mobs is always a good way to get money. Each mob has a chance of giving you a small amount of money (approx. 3-8 copper).
    • Premium members gain double the amount of money for mob kills.
  • Fight in PvP. You can kill others and gain their resources and items (however, killing for the sake of killing is generally frowned upon). PVP is disabled in most server areas and/or cities, apart from WarZones (Arenas)
    • Also, do not spawn kill. This can lead to a temporary ban and is frowned upon by the community.
    • Even though bounties are disabled people will still sometimes ask some people to take out enemies and pay you silver after.
    • Little hint: use the Dynmap to more easily locate your prey.


Further information: Chest-shop Creation Guide

Shops are used to sell goods and (rarely) buy them from you. They can be found mostly in the merchant district of Regalia. These shops are initially expensive, but you will make a lot of money from them. A lot of factions also have a market place in their base. Talk to your faction leader about setting up your own shop.

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