( RP ) Flynn Alexander

Faction WhiteSpire
Race Human
Profession Regalian Guard
Vampire No
Married No
Religion TheLight


Regalian City
Age 44
Gender Male

My Story

When Flynn was a child he lived near a BIG forest in Kelmoria. Flynn had two brothers, Samuel and Jon. Flynn was the middle child and was always pushed arround. He iked to be alone and he hardly ever talked. When he was 10 he got his first wepon. It was the knife that his dad carried as a child. When he was 16 he left his home to Regalia. When he was 20 he had a life as an investagator. At 21 he had word his younger brother, Jon, was killed... He was killed by bandits and his home was burnt. His brother older brother Samuel lived up to 35. He was killed in SilverEdge when he hit his head at his house when Flynn was 25. Flynn never knew his mother, his father said she died when Jon was born, Flynn was only 2. At age 36 he got recruited to be a Regalian Guard. He spent 8 years in the guards and became a Captin at 43. Ever since he left to Regalia he became a city man, he hated water and dirt because he was used to the ciy streets being stone and such with hardly any dirt. He always dressed fancey so people could think he had alot of money, however he doesn't have alot of money and lives in the fisherman place. When he has time off he is Sebastian's advisor. He does have a kid but he was never married. Your probly thinking he is a dirty scum, right? No, infact he found this child at the tavern all alone and decided to adopt her, her name is Sofie Alexander. Thats all about him that people know of.


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