The Buffion and the Hooded Man An old dwarf ghost tale

a well known Slave trader Hugo Buffion was sitting at the Emperor's Tavern chewing the last bit of cooked pork chop from his plate . It was one of those nights when no one dared to come outdoors due to the cold and the tip of your beard freezes to the ground. The guards just finish their night patrols. no one was in the bar but the Buffion, an hooded man, and a few nobles sitting upstairs. So the slave trader went up to the hooded man to talk. He climbed up on to the chair next to the man and said "why are you hooded?" The hooded man turned to face Hugo, Hugo jumped back nearly falling out of his seat The hooded man removed his hood. His eyes were bloodshot, his skin was white as the winter snow, and he had fangs like a wolf. Hugo leaped off of the wooden stool and grabbed his wood cutting axe and stood in his fighting stance. Thinking he should be able to hold him off until the guards come back. The beast jumped at him. Hugo jumped out of the way bumping into an table. He got up and pushed his axe head in the beast's gut to warn him he meant business. that only made him mad, the monster swooped at the Buffion with his fist knocking him over but the Buffion got up and swing his axe at it's knees cutting one of them. The beast yelled in a dark language Hugo didn't understand. By that time the nobles came down stairs to see what the noise is about. Fear overwhelmed them, all of them ran away into the cold dark night. Hugo hacked at the monster leg cutting a chuck of flesh out every time. Hugo stopped and left to get the guards. When he got back the beast was gone! He had a hard time falling asleep those past days. The slave trader keeps his axe at his side at all times in case it's comes back to get his revenge.


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