(RP) Bryce Talon

Faction Seacrest
Race Human
Profession Monster slayer/Fisherman
Vampire No
Married No
Religion None


Age 20
Gender Male

My Story

The Beggining.

Bryce Talon was an average boy, born on a warm summer night. He was born in a secluded cabin in a forest. His parents never told him what continent he lived in. When he was 11, his cabin was raided by a group of orcs while I was out hunting.As he returned, he saw smoke in the direction of his cabin.He ran to it and found his mother dead,and his father barley alive. He ran to him, and with his last breath, told Bryce to take his sword, Draca, find the orcs that did this, kill them, and all other evils. Then all was silent, save for the crackle of the fire that had already engulfed the whole house. Bryce took Draca, some food, water, and set off on his journey. The Next Years.

As Bryce was traveling, he came across a wolf pup. There were no other wolves in sight, so he decided to take the pup with him. He named him Leo. Leo and Bryce laid waste to hordes of zombies, skelletons, and witches.One day, on the coast of Ithania, they came across the faction Homeland(now Seacrest). They joined them, built a home in the territory, and have been living happily ever since, fulfilling Bryce's father's dying wish to kill those orcs and all other evils.


Bryce and Leo have been living happily in their home in Ithania, killing zombies and skelletons with the occasional witch, and exploring many new places.


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