"On the Concept of Sphere of Influence" was an essay written by one of the two Doges of the City State of Helvetica , Jonaethiel. In this concise scripture the diplomat outlines some concepts on the Sphere of Influence of a faction, and outlines some principles which the faction Helvetica has long upheld. The teachings therein were not necessarily forced on other faction. The concept is free and open. Diplomats and scholars from around the realm of Massivecraft have been invited to discuss the concepts outlined therein in the libraries and halls of Helvetica.

While the concept of Sphere of Influence is one which also lends itself to warfare and aggressive diplomacy, the initial idea has and always will be to encourage factions to maintain and groom the land around their faction, restoring nature, cleaning up evidently abandoned structures, etc.


Helvetican SoI Mapping

Helvetican Sphere of Influence

Sphere of Influence may be defined as:

"The reach of a faction's territory. Not only physical, but rather the area within which that faction has the right to interfere diplomatically and militarily in external decision making"

A faction's Sphere of Influence (SoI) is determined by two means:

  • The faction's physical presence in the area
  • The faction's appropriate and just handling of the territory (protecting, maintaining nature, resolving conflict)

Levels of Influence

Primary - Direct and undisputed control and authority ...

Secondary - Control over area, diplomatic superiority ...

Tertiary - Area has been handled and groomed, faction has a say in diplomatic decisions and events taking place within this area ...

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